Mission: to advocate for the progression of ‘Dirtbaggery’ and all things mountain stoke.

The Dirtbag Festival is a celebration of the lifestyle that is so close to our hearts here in Beautiful Kimberley, BC. Its a collection of film, images and stories by Dirtbags, those who are willing to sacrifice and drop at a moments notice: their jobs, their family, their income and their homes in search of adventure.

The film competition is open to short films highlighting the lifestyle, activities and places critical to sustaining dirtbaggery. The Community Show is a collection of images from local dirtbags and the cornerstone of the festival. See Submission Information to submit your work or see Festival Information for tickets. The Dirtbag Festival is free to enter and always will be!

The Dirtbag Festival returns to Kimberley April 26, 2019. Tickets on sale now!!! Click HERE

The Dirtbag Festival is the Kootenay’s premier Mountain Culture event and is not to be missed…